John’s Story

My name is John Baumann. Unbelievably, I may have accomplished more in my life since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s than I did before showing the signs of the disease. I have been Parkinson’s Proud since 2002 when I was 41 years young. Before then, I graduated summa cum laude as an undergraduate, received my law degree from an Ivy League law school, passed 3 bar exams and practiced law for 15 years becoming the top attorney for a public company.

Since then, I reinvented myself as an inspirational speaker, wrote the book Decide Success, joined the faculty of the University of Louisville, and still practice law full-time and now part-time. I also became the Board Chair of the Kentucky Make-a-Wish Foundation. I have inspired groups in 22 states, Canada, Malaysia, St. Thomas and Puerto Rico.